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Flying for Two

I just got back from a wonderful week in Aspen, CO with my family. While I was unable to ski (skiing at 7 months preggers kind of not recommended) I did spend a lot of quality time with my dad and sister, took many great yoga classes, got scrubbed and rubbed at the spa, and did a little shopping. A week away from home was exactly what I needed and I now feel ready to face all of my pre-baby projects.

Before leaving for my trip I was quite nervous about the flight itself. I am not a fan of air travel, as it tends to dehydrate, bloat and give me a generally "icky" feeling. Couple that with being pregnant and I knew I would have to try extra hard to make it through feeling good (ish). Here are a few tricks I discovered that made flying for two much, much better. These travel tips are not limited to those with a baby on board- anyone could benefit from them!

Water, Water, Water

Flying is super dehydrating, as is pregnancy. Pair the two together and you have a lethal combination! There is no way to get enough water from what they provide you on an airplane so this is one time I am ok with shelling out the money for bottled water. Lots and lots of bottled water! Even though it felt like I spent the entire flight drinking water and occupying the lavatory, it was well worth it.

Not Just For Nurses

You won't see compression socks in any fashion magazines. However, aesthetics aside they can be quite useful. Designed to keep your blood from pooling in your legs and ankles, compression socks help prevent swelling and also give some relief to tired legs and feet. There is nothing worse than taking your shoes off at the beginning of a flight (highly recommended) and not being able to put them back on upon landing. With compression socks you can reduce and almost prevent uncomfortable swelling, arriving at your destination able to see your ankles and fit into your shoes! While most drug stores sell compression socks, they tend to look like part of a nursing uniform (white or nude opaque), so instead I ordered these slightly more discrete ones from the aptly named Preggers.

Snack Time

I always pack my own snacks when I travel. My travel cooler is usually full of frozen green juice, fruit, sliced veggies, and protein powder such as Vega in case I am caught in a pinch and need some quick nutrition. On this trip I also included some packets of Justin's Almond Butter to have with celery sticks. Almond butter is a great way to get a quick dose of healthy fat and protein and these single serving packets are perfect for travel!

Feed Your Skin

Airplanes are not only drying for your insides, they can also be incredibly dehydrating on your skin. With a baby on board dry skin can become even more of an issue.  To combat dry airplane air I keep a bottle of Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence in my carry on. A spritz or two every hour or so helps me arrive at my destination glowy and dewy!

Dessert with a Purpose

Dessert with a Purpose

Rocky Mountain High

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